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Adam Lewis

Managing Member

3745 County Road 4006
P.O. Box 686
Crystal City, TX 78839
Phone: (830) 374-4482
Cell: (830) 279-9069

Exotic Game

Exotic Hunts at ADL7 Hunting Ranch

If you're looking for some of the finest exotic animals to hunt, look no further than the ADL7 Hunting Ranch.

Here you'll find some top - notch exotic animals such as Axis Bucks, Bongo, Ibex, Sable, Transcaspian Urial, and much much more.

Exotic Hunts at ADL7 Hunting Ranch

We suggest you make your final decision on which trophy you'd like to take home when you get to the ADL7 Ranch. Otherwise, you may find yourself changing your mind because of the incredible selection we have to offer.

Please be aware that the minimum caliber is .243 on rifles, and mechanical broadheads are welcome here.
Exotic Hunts at ADL7 Hunting Ranch

You can find a printable list of exotics available and their prices here.